jueves, 13 de junio de 2019

Gibraltar - Local Christian and Jewish religious leaders issue joint statement opposing proposed abortion law change

A joint statement opposing the proposed changes to Gibraltar's abortion legislation has been issued by the heads of the Rock's Roman Catholic church, the churches represented by the Evangelical Alliance of Gibraltar, and the local Jewish community.

They say they are deeply concerned that the proposed change to the law will "undermine the right to life protected in the Constitution".
The religious leaders endorse the petition by the Pro-Life Movement, signed by over six thousand people.

Their statement says they are "concerned that adequate resources have not been made available for women in traumatic situations or experiencing difficult pregnancies".

It adds they're especially concerned about the impact of the proposed bill on the right to life of babies with disabilities and "life-limiting conditions", in particular babies diagnosed in the womb with Down Syndrome.

The statement by the religious leaders says abortion is not the answer to a crisis, but causes more trauma.

It says the bill respects neither mother nor baby, and urges Parliament to reject it and work towards a "more compassionate proposal that reflects the values that define Gibraltar".

Source: GBC